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South Africa Training Providers Forum

The South Africa Training Providers Forum was established to assist training providers (private and public) as “a voice” in the Higher Education domain. Our aim is not to replace any current bodies or excising forums, but to target a specific audience in the Training industry that is in a much needed space for support and resources.

The Training Providers Forum in South Africa want to bring the much needed resources to the Training Providers directly through innovative technology delivery methods and represent them as the training voice in the Higher Education sector.

The South Africa Training Providers Forum aim to deliver the following services to the industry:

Be the voice about national issues in South Africa with the various SETAs and the QCTO.
Aim to bring business leads to the Training Industry.
Provide a forum for discussions and sharing of knowledge.
Provide free webinars and virtual training sessions to its members.

With very affordable rates to become a member of the Training Providers Forum makes it one of the best option for upcoming Training Provider in South Africa.

The South Africa Training Providers Forum is a registered Non-profit Company. 

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