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Descriptions: Supervisor Essential Learning Course

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    • TITLE: Supervisor Essential Learning Course.
    • TYPE: Short Course.
    • PURPOSE: Supervisors and managers are highly important for a company. They are the front line of the organization and their role is critical during training.

1. Communication Skills
1. Communication Skills
1.1 Communication Core Skills – The Essentials
1.2 Communication is Individual
We’re Not All The Same
1.3 Change Yourself to Change Others
1.4 You are the Only One of You
1.5 What’s Already Working?
1.6 How Communication Happens
A. Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication
B. Communication Cycle
What can get in the way of Effective Communication?
1.7 Here are some Common Barriers to Effective Communication.
a. We all make Too Many Assumptions
b. Patterns/Reverting to Type
c. Needing to Be Right
1.8 Conflict Resolution
a. Conflict
b. Agreement
c. Bridge Building
d. ‘I’ not ‘You’
1.9 Improving Communication Skills
Be a Good Influence
a. Attitude
b. Effective Listening and Responding
c. Be Positive
d. The Importance of Basic Communication Skills
2. Skills of an Effective Supervisor
a. Supervisor
b. Time Management
c. Controlling the Working Environment
d. Delegate Tasks
e. Motivational Skills
2.2 Effective Supervisor Skills
a. Delegating
b. Check Their Work
c. Empower Your Staff
d. Keep Them Informed
e. Identify Your Leadership Challenges
f. Open and Honest
3. Effective Communication Skills for Supervisors
a. Respect
b. Open Communication
c. Listen
d. Share Information
e. Confidence
4. Planning
4.1 Quick Look at Some Basic Terms
5. Delegation
5.1 Delegation versus Control
5.2 Approaches to Leadership
5.3 The Process of Delegation
• 5.5 What can be delegated?
6. Team Building
6.1 There are four fundamentally different approaches to improving the level of teamwork in an organization.
a. Personality-based Teambuilding
b. Activity-based Teambuilding
c. Skills-based Teambuilding
d. Problem Solving-based Teambuilding
6.2 Which Approach is Best?
a. Not all teams need teambuilding
b. Not all team problems should be dealt with by a teambuilding intervention.
c. Skills-based teambuilding is the first choice.
d. The teambuilding approach depends on the type of team.
e. The teambuilding approach depends on the type of teamwork problem the team is facing.
7.1 Why Adults Lear
7.2 Understanding How People Learn
7.3. Identify learners needs and problems
Blocks in learning can be caused by:
7.4 Conducting training
7.5 Planning and Preparing to train
7.6 Creating a Climate of Trust and Positive Expectations
7.7 An Eight-Step Training Protocol
8. Introduction to Coaching
Essential Vocabulary
8.1 The Role of the Coach
8.2 The duties of a coach
8.3 Five Principles of Coaching
a. Gathering Information
b. Listening
c. Instructing learners
d. Giving feedback
8.4 The Delegating Process
8.5 How to Delegate the Coaching Task
9. Why Have Performance Appraisals?
9.1 Performance Appraisal offers several advantages.
a. Individual
b. Team
c. Organization
d. Overall Benefits of Appraisals
9.2 Roles within Performance Appraisals
a. Manager’s Role in Performance Management
b. Advantages to Manager
c. Employee’s Role in Performance Management
d. Advantages to Employees
9.3 The term “Performance Management” is often used in two contexts
10. Dealing With Difficult Employees
10.1 Why Are Difficult Employees Like That?
10.2 How Can A Manager Deal With Difficult Employees?
10.3 Coming to a Solution
11. Conflict management in the workplace
11.2 Techniques for managing conflicts
c. Attitude

    • SOURCES: Both personal and public sources were used for research purposes.
    • COUNTRY BASED ON: South Africa.
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